Traditional Japanese dessert made with sweet paste of mashed azuki red beans. Anmitsu was the Mihashi starting point. For your journey into the world of Mihashi, our signature item Anmitsu is the perfect starting point. The silkiness of the Anko red bean paste along with delicious red peas topped with brown sugar syrup will guarantee to put a smile on your face!
Shiratama and Cream Anmitsu
Anmitsu served with ice cream and small white Shiratama mochi. This Anmitsu is served with ice cream made from all natural milk. Along with the tasty ice cream, small soft white mochi, Shiratama, is added to this dessert. This perfectly balanced combination will bring immense amount of joy to anyone who tries it!
Fruits and Cream Anmitsu
Anmitsu served with seasonal fruits This Anmitsu is served with fruits that are complemented to the honey red beans. As the season changes, our selection of fruits also change with it. This is to ensure Anmitsu is served with fresh fruits when possible. The flavors of the fruits in combination with the red bean makes this dessert achieved the perfect balanced level of sweetness.
Ogura Anmitsu
Anmitsu served with ogura red bean ice cream. By using the traditional style of creating red bean ice cream, Ogura ice cream preserves the classic Japanese flavors. This Anmitsu served ogura ice cream with honey red beans. This dessert is truly loved by people of all ages!
Matcha Anmitsu
Anmitsu served with Matcha green tea ice cream. By using the famous Japanese tea ceremony green tea leaves from Aichi county, our Matcha ice cream’s rich smell and taste is truly different the average Matcha. Matched with Anko red bean paste and brown sugar syrup, this matcha ice cream Animitsu is a must try.
Matcha Float
Matcha Green Tea with Ice Cream The Matcha we served with our Mihashi ice cream is the famous Kyoto made Uji Matcha. Unlike the bitter taste of normal matcha, Kyoto Uji matcha is sightly sweet. You can eat them separately as a matcha float or mix them together as a matcha shake. We recommend you experience yourself!
Mochi Cakes made of Kuzuko What is Kuzuko made from? Kuzuko is made from the starch of wheat flour after fermentation. Together with Kinako powder and brown sugar syrup, the unique texture of Kuzumochi will definitely become your favor.